Blister pouches etc.

At Aplica Danmark you can now buy Blister pouches produced in fantastic quality. And we manufacture and sell them at a super price.

We have developed a new filling/closing technique, which gives a unique new blister, with exactly the same amount of liquid in each blister. The blisters are super strong, they withstand a lot of pressure, but can also be punctured easily. The blisters are nicely closed, with a good seal without wrinkles or leaks.

All our blisters are made under clean room regulations, Class 8 and our production is ISO13485:2016 certified.

As standard, we have 3 different liquids in the blisters (water, alcohol 50% and alcohol 75%).

You can choose between 4 blister sizes:

Blister_15 which can contain up to 120 μl.
Blister_18 which can contain up to 150 μl.
Blister_21, which can contain up to 250 μl.
Blister_25, which can contain up to 350 μl.

Special requests.
If you need your own liquid in the blisters we will be happy to make a batch that fits exactly what you need. Or if you have special requests for μl and/or size, we are always ready to guide and help you find the right solution. An agreement is always made for this type of task. Please contact us for a price.

Mounting the blisters.
It is important that your blisters sit well and tightly on your POC. You must choose an adhesive solution, that suits the material, the blisters are to be mounted on. We have found 5 different solutions. Contact us to hear about our solutions.

Continuous delivery.
When your want to have a continuous delivery of blisters, we definitely would like to find the right solution for you and for your delivery-terms.