About Aplica

System House and Component Supplier

Aplica Danmark is a specialist in industrial fluid dosing. We have Denmark's best and widest range of equipment and semi- or fully automatic systems for bonding and dosing. In addition, we supply consumer goods in the form of glue and sealing materials for industrial processes.

We help you identify and put together the right equipment at the right price, so you don't have to buy part-systems from several different suppliers yourself.

Let's optimize your production

Production optimization is a key word for fluid handling. We supply the market's strongest, complete solutions with vision-controlled standard robots, which really optimize your production. We can collaborate on many levels - either as a supplier of individual components and consumables or as a system house, where we develop complete solutions for applying glue, varnish, paint or sealing materials.

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Guarantee for Proper Solutions

We see it as our prime task to contribute with solutions that reduce the production costs of our customers. Therefore, we always work on the basis of a philosophy that our solutions must ensure increased efficiency and measurable material savings. With our knowledge and solid supplier partnerships, you get full assurance that the components we provide are compatible - whether it be equipment for surface treatment, bonding or sealing.

Aplica Danmark Aps is a family owned company, run and owned by John Arvidsen.

Our values

We can do that
Aplica Danmarks employees are characterized by a positive attitude, belief in and willingness to cope with all of today's challenges.

Good energy culture
Enthusiasm, commitment, glimpse of the eye and energy to provide the extra are solid ingredients in our corporate culture.

Clear agreements, thank you
Our customers must experience the cooperation as a partnership, where expectations for the product and the implementation of the solution are described in detail.


We create competitive advantages for our customers in terms of streamlining and optimizing processes and workflows in automatic, semi-automatic and manual fluid handling.


Aplica Danmark will be the industry's preferred partner for consulting and supplier of solutions, components and consumables for bonding and surface treatment. We must deliver convincing solutions and products based on a broad, multidisciplinary and at all times updated knowledge.