Hotmelt adhesive

Hotmelt can be used for numerous applications in various industries, packaging, construction, electronics, furniture, textiles, etc.
Hotmelt is a fast curing adhesive based on thermoplastic. Many of the adhesives are FDA approved. The curing time is from one second up to several minutes. It is available in many different shapes and sizes eg. sticks and cartridges for application guns that can be used both in industry but also for hobby use, or you can get it as granules, pads or blocks used in larger or smaller smelters, which are connected to a gun or spray when you have a more steady production and require large quantities.
Aplica sell exclusively hotmelt in high quality from German Bühnen, and with access to over 500 different kinds of hot melt, this technology is ready to take almost any job.
In the guide you can find a selection of the most frequently used hotmelt for different purposes.

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