Loctite 9466 structural bonding

From: 30.03

Loctite 9466 structural bonding – 2K Epoxy, toughened multiple purpose bonder, high bonding strength for all substrates.
Loctite Hysol 9466 A&B is a toughened, 2K-Epoxy adhesive, suitable for multi purpose applications requiring long open time and high bonding strength. Ideal for a wide variety of substrates like metals, ceramic and most plastics. Medium viscosity. Low density – SG = 1,0. High strength. Technical Data. Working time: 60 min. Fixture time: 180 min. Viscosity in Pa-s: 35. Tensile strength: 32 N/mm². Peel strength: 8 N/mm. Service temperature range: -55°C – +120°C. Colour mix: off-white. Pack sizes: 50ml, 400ml, 1kg, 20kg.



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Emballage str.

50ml, 400ml