Loctite 3430 structural bonding

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Loctite 3430 structural bonding – 2K Epoxy, multible purpose bonder, fast, ultra clear. Loctite Hysol 3430 A&B is a five-minute, 2K-Epoxy adhesive, suitable for applications requiring an optically clear bond line. Ideal for bonding glass, decorative panels and displays and general DIY applications.
Medium viscosity. Ultra clear. Toughened. Water resistant. Working time: 5 – 10 min. Fixture time: 15 min. Viscosity in Pa-s: 23. Tensile strength: 36 N/mm². Peel strength: 3 N/mm. Service temperature range: -55°C – +100°C. Colour mix: ultra clear. Pack sizes: 24ml, 50ml, 200ml, 400ml, 20kg.