acuity iLumCURE 2G UV light, programmable


acuity ilumCURE 2G is a UV LED illumination system for hardening UV adhesives reproducibly at high intensities with a peak intensity wavelength of 365 nm.
The device facilitates continuous illumination as well as timer- and interface-controlled illumination with an adjustable intensity. It can be employed for both mobile and stationary applications (e.g. in automated production). For mobile usage, the built-in lithium-ion battery permits a continuous operation of up to 3.5 hours at full intensity. The USB interface is used for charging, parameterisation and process automation.
Reproducible hardening processes are ensured in real time by a controlleroperated LED current measurement as well as by a heat management system with metal core technology. A robust aluminium housing and an exchangeable battery ensure the longevity of the product.

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Setting options / operation
Via software: • Intensity from 10 % to 100 % • Cure time from 1.0 s to 120.0 s • Illumination timer on or off • Beep signal at the end of illumination period on or off • Time programming on hand set locked or allowed
Via hand set: • Illumination time from 1.0 s to 120.0 s • Trigger illumination
Automatic process: • Using a permanent USB connection ilumCURE 2G devices can be controlled remotely from the PC • A Software Development Kit for the integration into proprietary code (such as Labview, C#) is available • Major functionalities: illumination on/off, intensity profiles, status requests, up to 127 devices per PC