Ultrasonic welding

The strongest solutions for ultrasonic welding

With ultrasonic welding, you effectively join the items without the use of screws, nails, solder or glue.

Advantages in short

  • A good alternative to other joining methods.
  • No costs for glue, screws, etc.
  • Easy to automate the process.
  • Very consistent quality in the joint.
  • Solutions for every need.
  • Ideal for smaller parts.

Ultrasonic welding

Ultrasonic welding is a technique that generates vibrations through high frequency sound waves that is transferred into ultrasonic vibrations, which can weld the parts together under pressure on a specified area. It is mainly used in plastics but can also join metals.

It is used especially on smaller parts such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, disposable medical equipment, toys etc. But it can also be used for larger items such as dashboards in cars.

This is how it works

Joining injection molded thermoplastic articles is made by a welding horn (Sonotrode) which is adapted to the geometry of the item. The welding horn is connected to a transducer which transforms the electrical energy into a physical vibration at a rate typically 20kHz.

The item is placed in a fixture that supports the item in the areas to be welded. And then the welding horn is pressed down over the workpiece and welds it in less than a second.

Welding of plastic

For ultrasonic welding of plastic, the interface of the two items to be joined is typically designed to concentrate the melting process. One party typically has a shape where a tip acts as an energy director to start the melting process. The energy from the ultrasonic vibrations melts the plastic at the contact surfaces of the two pieces and creates a perfect joint.

Ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasound can also be used to cut objects. This is done through a “knife-blade” that vibrates with ultrasonic speed, and therefore can easily cut precisely through materials without producing cutting waste.

Ultrasonic cutting is often used to cut textiles, foam and filter material, where dust is not accepted as a result of cutting. With ultrasonic cutting it is possible to separate accurately and quickly - at the same time as the cut is sealed with a nice cut surface.

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