Ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting delivers unique benefits

High precision, minimal waste and great flexibility make it difficult to avoid ultrasound cutting.

In many industries, ultrasonic cutting has proven to be the preferred method for clean and fast separation without waste. The ultrasonic vibrations cause less pressure for the cutting itself. It makes it ideal for cutting difficult products such as dough, cheese and meat, or for separating materials such as fleece, carpets, foam, rubber, light materials, foil or textiles. Ultrasonic cuts provide less waste as it leaves minimal residues compared to milling or rotating saws. This makes it easier to automate cuts, for example as part of a robot solution.

The benefits are numerous

Process reliability, reproducible results, and high-speed time savings are some of the many benefits you can get from using ultrasound technology. Ultrasonic cutting systems provide a maximum level of precision that makes it possible to accommodate the extremely low tolerances of many industries. The ultrasonic vibrations also help keep the knife clean of the product. It is especially important for sticky materials that are common in the food industry.

Depending on your individual requirements, we offer vertical or horizontal cutting solutions that can be realized as continuous cutting or in cycle mode.

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