When to choose a robot?

It is often cheaper to choose a robot solution compared to a manual solution or a standard solution based on a heavy and complicated machine design.

Robots are extremely flexible and reliable, allowing them to significantly shorten the design phase. With a robot solution, future changes can often be made with simple programming changes rather than expensive, mechanical changes.

Great benefits - great savings

If you choose right, a robot can turn out to be your best investment. We often see that our customers reduce the cost of consumables considerably by dispensing with a robot, as the robot's movements and dosing speed are closely synchronized via a special interface. The synchronization ensures that only the right amount of glue is dosed on the workpiece. The result is a more homogeneous and stronger product with a lower cost.

We help you choose the right solution

When laying glue and sealing materials, it is extremely important that the robot can follow a well-defined path. Many of the robots that are on the market are definitely not suitable for complicated glueing tasks, as their path control is not good enough.

Aplica has many years of experience in implementing robots in production. We know which tasks can be solved by a robot, and we also know the limitations of the robots.

Cheaper than you expect

When it comes to solutions with glue and dispensing of liquids, Aplica is the exclusive distributor of Japanese CE-labeled 3 and 4-axis dispensing robots from Janome - and partner with FANUC.

We deliver convincing robot solutions for under 100,000 kr.

Here's how you can use the robot JR3503 from Janome in less than an hour:

In the film, the table robot is programmed to dispense a 2-component sealing.

The layout is composed of:

  • a Janome JR3503,
  • a Techcon 5624DMP dispensing valve,
  • a Techcon TS350 controller,
  • and an acuity ™ feed system for 2 x 200 ml cartridges.

Need more information?

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