Great gains by automating production

Aplica helps you specify and assemble the optimal automation equipment at the right price

In many cases, it is best to use a robot to apply glue. You save the materials and free your employees from repetitive and demanding precision work. Small changes can significantly simplify production, thus increasing both the quality and making it cheaper to manufacture. Our designers, automation engineers and programmers develop in close cooperation with you complete solutions to handle the task you need to solve.

Get an overview from the start

We show you the whole solution in 3D programs and robot simulation software. In this way, you can see the concrete benefits that allow you to automate.

We also offer tests on your products, so the amount and location of gluing gives you the optimal solution. Based on this, we can also give you a complete overview of your savings with the new solution. We call it security!

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  • We only cooperate with the leading automation and dispensing suppliers
  • We have solutions for both small and large tasks
  • We show you the solution visually and calculate your savings

When should you choose a robot?