Press release: Aplica is Initiative Prize winner in DI Roskilde / Køge Bay

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"We manage it" is the motto for Initiative Prize winner in DI Roskilde / Køge Bay

Aplica ApS in Roskilde is the story of a small entrepreneurial company, which in just a few years has built up a company with 12 employees including an apprentice and with a production and an economy that has developed incredibly positively. In a few years, we have moved from a small deficit to a very good positive result in 2015.

And the development in both revenue, profits and number of employees does not seem to stop here. One of the reasons for the great success for Aplica is precisely the motto "We manage it." with a belief in and willingness to cope with all the challenges of the day, says Director Maria Nørbæk. The company is a specialist in handling fluids in the industry and has the best and widest range of equipment in Denmark and automatic systems for bonding and dosing. They work very closely with their customers to help them find the optimal solution for the individual.
This year's winner of DI Roskilde / Køge Bug's Initiative Award has started in 2011 with the couple Maria Nørbæk and Henrik Mikkelsen as the major drivers. When they moved the company to larger premises in January 2015, they were convinced that they had the right premises for many years. But already they are starting with a very large extension that doubles the area of ​​the buildings on Betonvej.

- Aplica is a company that many others can learn from. Every year we award the Initiative Prize to a company that has shown special development, growth and productivity abilities, and Aplica has done that. We need more companies like those in the Roskilde / Køge Bay area, says president of DI Roskilde / Køge Bay, Torben R. Strand.

The initiative prize will be presented by Torben R. Strand and Mayor Joy Mogensen on Tuesday, November 8 at. 15.00 at the company, Betonvej 7, 4000 Roskilde.

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