New director for boosting growth

In a few years, Aplica has achieved a market-leading position in industrial adhesive solutions and fully automated systems. With the appointment of Peter Gad as new director, the company is now launching an ambitious growth plan in Denmark and the other Nordic countries.

Peter Gad is 48 years old, educated production engineer and comes from a position as director of Sulzer Mixpac. Throughout his career, which is primarily in the pharmaceutical industry, he has led several successful growth programs. Experiences that will now come to benefit Aplica.

”Aplica is a great company with enormous potential. It has long since established itself as Denmark's leading glue house, so now our automation solutions must be in the limelight. We have in the forefront of the market the most skilled specialists in the field and a large number of great customer references to show off. Of course, we must have that message out, "says Peter Gad.

Peter Gad emphasizes that Aplica's automation plant actually generates such large efficiency improvements that the investment is typically paid back in a few years. That is the story he is now taking the lead in telling. And according to him, it should interest the vast majority of small and large manufacturing companies. In addition to the CEO post, Peter Gad also joins Aplica as co-owner together with the current owners Maria Nørbæk and Henrik Bang Mikkelsen.

"It was a natural part of my employment to become part of the owner group. I strongly believe that we have the right starting point to lead Aplica from the establishment phase to an ambitious expansion phase. This must be done through a sharp and realistic strategy focusing on targeted sales and market-leading product development. At the same time, we must maintain the values that have created the success so far. Customers can still expect a welcoming and flexible ally who always delivers on time and in the right quality. ”

Peter Gad entered his position as director from 1 June.

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