Industrial bonding

Get all the benefits of industrial bonding

Industrial bonding is seriously taking over older technologies in the industry such as welding, riveting and soldering. Also - increasingly, electronics are molded and protected by adhesives.

Aplica is leading in the market when it comes to industrial bonding. We know when it can pay off - and we can deliver fully automated systems that seriously strengthen the quality and provide cash savings as well as streamlines your production.

With adhesive, precision is essential. We have many years of experience in creating well thought out and reliable solutions for industries that requires top class quality in the production. It requires knowledge of the composition / properties of the adhesive and in the various dosing and automation techniques that are on the market. Last but not least, it requires thorough insight into how it can be combined with robot technology, so you get a fully automated solution.

A winner on all parameters

The advantages of industrial bonding are countless. It provides closer joints and a more uniform force distribution throughout the joints - unlike welding, where forces can result in peak loads. With adhesive, you get a hermetically sealed joint that prevents leaking of pressure or liquids and blocks the penetration of condensation water. And finally, adhesive has the great advantage of joining various materials, such as plastic and metal.

It is very rare that we cannot find a bonding solution that can outperform the customer's current solution. But give us a call and let us test it...

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