Hybrid adhesive

Hybrid adhesives offer the best of two worlds - Cyanoacrylates and Epoxies

Loctite Hybridlime

Loctite HY 4070 - good for super-fast universal repair

With a powerful combination of speed and power, Loctite 4070 solves virtually any repair challenge when time is a scarce resource.
It quickly attaches to a wide range of high strength substrates, and quickly and easily solves versatile repairs.

Your advantages:

  • Super-fast fixation - reduction of downtime!
  • Large crack fill capability - universal repairs
  • Fast and strong adhesion to many materials
  • Gel product with drip-free formula
  • Good moisture, temperature, UV and chemical resistance

Loctite HY 4060 - Durable, 5-minute structural adhesive for repairs

The easy-to-use general-purpose adhesive that provides both performance and durability. With the Loctite 4060, you get fast fixation and excellent adhesion to a wide range of materials.

Your advantages:

  • Fast fixation even at low temperatures
  • Great crack filling ability
  • Excellent adhesion to materials such as metal, plastic, rubber, wood, paper and leather
  • Can be machined on metals
  • Very good resistance to chemicals and solvents

Loctite HY 4080 - strong and versatile structural adhesive

When impact resistance is required, Loctite HY 4080 is ready for the challenge. It has low odour emission, is non-flammable - the ideal substitute for traditional 2-component MMA adhesives and acrylic structural adhesives.

Your advantages:

  • Fast strength (full hardened for 24 hours)
  • Excellent against shock load
  • Excellent adhesion on many surfaces and high strength on plastic
  • Not combustible, no carcinogens and not corrosive
  • Good elasticity

Loctite 4090 - fast and versatile structural adhesive

With the Loctite 4090, you get both high performance and versatility on a wide variety of substrates.

Your advantages:

  • Suitable for a wide range of substrates such as metals, plastics and rubber
  • Fast fixation - even at low temperatures
  • Good moisture, UV, temperature and chemical resistance
  • Resistant to impact and vibration
  • Minimum blooming

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