Great benefits with correct dosing

Great benefits with correct dosing

Smaller quantities of glue and liquids require high precision dosing, both for quantity and location. With the right dosing equipment, you achieve exact and homogeneous results.

With suitable equipment for glue dosing, you get the most out of the products you use. You not only save time and money with the right dosing equipment - you also do the environment a favor.

Less consumption and better result

Our customers reduce the cost of consumables considerably by dispensing with a robot. This is because the robot's movements and dosing rate ensure that it is always the right amount of glue that is dosed on the part. The result is a more homogeneous and stronger produtcs - and not least great savings in material consumption.

Handheld Applicators

Handheld applicators are a simple dosing where you achieve reduced waste and contact with the items. The systems are designed for manual workstations for one employee. This method is suitable for dosing dots, droplets or strings of low to mid-range materials.

Semi-automatic dosing systems

Semi-automatic dosing systems are designed to be included in automated assembly lines and can be activated externally via a PLC or robot controller. These systems are well suited for dosing microdots, dots, drops or strings of low to high viscosity materials.

Fully automatic dosing equipment

In many cases it is worthwhile to use a robot that is fitted with tools / pumps for dosing and application. These systems are usually what we call a turn key system.

Experience counts

Based on our wide selection and solid experience, we help you find the right dosing equipment for your needs.

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