Epoxy adhesive

The glue for the slightly more demanding tasks is Epoxy

An Epoxy is either 1 component or 2 component adhesive and it is also referred to as structural adhesive or universal adhesive.

It is a glue type that is characterized by a very high strength and it is good for filling large spaces. Epoxy is also highly chemical resistant.

You typically use an epoxy for small and medium-sized surfaces. Epoxy adhesive gives you a rigid bonding - and is most often used in places where there is a high load and where other mechanical joining methods could have been used. With an Epoxy you get great flexibility in the choice of materials, as the same glue binds to both metal / plastic - metal combined with wood or glass and metal.

Hardening time can vary greatly, from a few minutes to several hours, some need to be cured by heat.

Epoxy is available both as a low and high viscous paste and in several shades and temperature resistance.

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