Correct dispensing improves quality and saves money

The key to your success lies in dosing the correct amount, on the right location, and at the right speed.

Dispensing glue and liquids is one of the cornerstones of our business. We have a wide range of pumps and valves that can be used for most dosing and dispensing needs.

You need to have in-depth knowledge of how liquid your medium is (viscosity) to choose the correct dispensing. Of course, we have the knowledge to do this.

Great benefits with correct dosing

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We find the solution

If there is no standard solution that matches your needs, we will develop it for you. This requires a thorough knowledge of what can be done as well as access to the best suppliers. You'll find it all at Aplica.

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  • We know the possibilities and will find the solution to your specific needs
  • We ensure the correct amount of dosage for a perfect result every time
  • We ensure that the glue is dispensed the correct place - at the correct speed


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