Quick glue, in technical language - cyanoacrylate , is suitable for a wide variety of purposes.

The glue cures simply by joining the items to be glued. The natural moisture in the joined parts, diffuse into the glue and cause it to harden.

Cyanoacrylate is most often used for bonding small to medium sized items. The surfaces to be joined should preferably be tight-fitting, as this type of glue is not particularly suitable for gap filling. This type of glue can be used on many types of materials such as porcelain, ceramics, plastics, rubber, wood, leather etc. The strength of Cyanoacrylate, both by shearing and pulling, is extremely good. Also, this category of glue is also found in flexible types, so you can apply them to items where you want a flexible effect.

Quick glue exists as a low viscous liquid or gel. Both types are characterized by incredibly fast adhesion and very strong joining.

Before applying quick glue - and to get the best results - you need to prepare your items, primarily cleaning them. When using Cyanoacrylate on some types of materials (typically plastic), it may be necessary to use a Primer first.

Find the most suitable quick glue for your particular application from either Cyberbond or Loctite, which is the absolute market leader in fast glue.



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