Automate the picking processes through Bin-Picking

Bin-picking is the 'smart' utilization of robots and sensors. The technology makes it possible to pick items that are located random.

Bin picking is the name of the technology used by a robot to pick objects that lie randomly in a box or on a pallet. It has long been a challenge to the automation industry because items that are to be used in a production process typically lie randomly in a box. Robots are most often designed to perform the same preprogrammed motion again and again. In Aplica, we've broken the code and can deliver reliable bin picking solutions where a robot via 3D scanning, gripper tool and robot control picks specific objects faster than any human can do.

A revolution of manual workflows

The system can be used to handle a wide variety of product types such as metal parts, plastic or rubber parts. Without extensive programming time, our Bin Picking Solutions can pick and sort items from a complete chaotic pattern. This is a significant cost improvement and provides better working environment and occupational safety, as these tasks are typically manually handled today. Bin-picking technology is in a rapid development these years and is going to revolutionize manufacturing. We are constantly updated on what works and can therefore help you with a future-proof solution to your production challenge.

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