Automation solutions

Automation solutions that make a difference

At Aplica, we can design and deliver high-tech special solutions to automate and streamline any process in your production - no matter which industry you are in.

No challenge is too big or small. When it comes to developing special machines based on your company's unique production equipment, we are ready. We can design solutions that significantly increase production quality and speed. This will at the same time cut your costs down to a minimum. In short, increased competitiveness for less money.

Over the years, we have supplied special machines for a wide variety of industries. Most often with great demands that there should not be compromise on precision, quality and strength. Aplica has all the mechanical and control-based resources in-house. This means that we can supply user-friendly special machines with optimal interaction between mechanics and control. Simple control-systems or complex automation solutions with or without robots - we can do it all.

Thorough preparation with 3D-Cad

All projects are designed and developed in 3D-Cad. In this way you, as a customer, gain insight into - and can help to adjust - the overall solution before we build it. 3D-Cad is also an eminent tool for mapping how individual machine parts are to be constructed. Thus, we can bypass mechanical challenges from the start. We are picky when it comes to selecting components. With our long experience, we know exactly what is needed for the individual task. We also know who can deliver it in the right quality. And if we cannot get a subcomponent that we are happy with, we develop it ourselves.

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  • We know the possibilities and find the solution to your specific needs
  • We have all the mechanical and control-based resources in the house
  • We ensure you achieve visible results in your production