Aplica develop automations with Motoman

Motoman's cobot is a HYBRID robot

Motoman HC10 is a 6-axis cobot with a payload of up to 10 kg. The operator's security is secured with a Power & Force technology in case of contact with the operator. The robot arm can be manually controlled by an operator. The robot's positions and gripping operations are recorded via a so-called "Easy Teaching Switch Box" These functions save time during programming.

The MOTOMAN HC10 robot can operate without additional protection such as a safety fence, depending on the risk assessment. This saves space and costs.

The installation area can be very flexible and can therefore work in different jobs.

Here it stands out from the competition:

  • The robot arm is a HYBRID robot
  • You get a robot that can be changed to run strongly when the need arises
  • 6 easily programmable axes
  • Direct Teach - program the robot by hand
  • Quick and easy switching between tasks

The robot arm fulfills the needs of the industry - with quick conversion to alternate tasks.


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