This group of products covers threadlocker adhesive, Thread Sealant, gaskets and retaining products.

Threadlocker is available in several different strengths and can be used within a wide range of applications. Threadlocker is 1-component and easy to work with.

When using thread sealant you prevent leakage of liquids or gas and it is available in liquid form or as a sealing cord. Thread Sealant can be used instead of tape / paste and yarn seal and it can withstand vibration and shock loading.

Gaskets products are also 1-component, replacing conventional packings. Do not tighten and there is immediate sealing. The gaskets products are very resistant to solvents and can withstand high pressures after complete curing.

Retention products are used to secure bearings, bushings and cylindrical parts.

Cyberbond-anaerobics LOCTITE-anaerobics

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