Adhesive for glass

In automotive, electronics and optics industries, adhesive for glass is popular - and here they must be able to rely on the strength and lifetime of the products!

Due to its unique surface properties, glass can be a difficult material to bond, but most glass adhesives developed for the industry have taken into account the challenges there are. Adhesives developed for glass are the ideal choice when appearance is as important as strength.

Adhesive for glass is available in several different types and technologies so many applications with glass can be made, bonding glass to glass and glass to many other substrates. The adhesives are available both as epoxy, silicones, polyurethanes, cyanoacrylates and UV / LED curing technologies. They are designed to provide optimum performance even when exposed to severe conditions.

Adhesive for glass is often optically clear, they are available as both 1 component and 2 component, they are easy to use and have a very high strength.

The UV adhesive gives you very great flexibility and fast curing.

Although glass has a high surface energy, it is important to make the necessary surface preparation to optimize the bonding. Typically, degreasing the materials will improve their bonding strength.

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