Henkel’s new and improved CA glue and the series of Hybrid glues.

The new versions of the quick-release adhesives are ground-breaking in terms of Health & Safety and no one on the market can offer it other than Henkel.

Introducing the latest innovation from Henkel – a range of instant adhesives, primers and activators formulated with more globally acceptable raw materials. This innovation combines improved health and safety features with the same high quality and reliability that LOCTITE normally delivers.

The challenge:

Several common ingredients used in instant adhesives and associated primers and activators, is now being scrutinized by the authorities in large parts of the world.

The solution:

As part of Henkel's commitment to continuous improvement, a series of upgraded LOCTITE instant adhesives has been developed by identifying and removing chemicals listed in the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals). Formula upgrades don't compromise performance.


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