Branson launches a brand new generation of ultrasonic welders

The new generation of ultrasonic welders is ready

Branson's new generation of ultrasonic welders allow you to join smaller and more complex plastic components with thin-walled geometries and get full traceability for all welds.

The first model is ready - GSX-E1

This is were it stands out from the competition:

  • The lowest "trigger force"
  • Highest repeatability
  • Step-wise welding pressure option
  • Quick tool change with rotation lock
  • Intuitive and ergonomic HMI
  • With the enhanced communication, you are ready to meet Industry 4.0

Aktautorer, mechanics and software are all newly developed.

This new series of ultrasonic welders does not replace the existing products like 2000X, Xc, etc., but the GSX family fills gaps and meets the industry's new needs.




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